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"When I was going to film school, all the white kids wanted to be Steven Spielberg…I said, I'm going to be John Singleton."

Barbara Woodhouse was born in 1910 and always loved animals. She was known for her way with horses and cows as well as for being a dog trainer. Having trained dogs to appear in films, Barbara became a celebrity herself in 1980 with her BBC series Training Dogs The Woodhouse Way.  Her commands to the dogs in her charge quickly became catchphrases, parroted across the land. "Walkies!" we shrilled and "Sit!" Do you remember the strange arm movement which went with the latter command?

Some of Barbara's dog training methods aroused controversy - I remember much animated chatter about the use of choke chains, but nobody could doubt her genuine love for her canine students. And she was a great character. It came as no great surprise when she was voted TV Personality of the Year 1980.

Among the problem pooches she helped were those belonging to Zsa Zsa Gabor, David Soul, Dorothy Lamour, Wilfred Hyde-White, Britt Ekland and Bill Shatner.
Barbara died in 1988 and the nation lost one of its great characters. Her fame had been brief, but her impact great. Even today, the doggy commands "Walkies!" and "Sit!" are still widely associated with her.

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Singleton hall of fame

Singleton hall of fame